Measurement science, and associated instrumentation, is a multi-billion dollar industry and a key contributor to the U.S. economy, enabling advances in everything from drug discovery to materials manufacturing.

By bringing together companies in high-technology sectors with major analytical instrument makers, the Center for Bioanalytic Metrology (CBM), a National Science Foundation Phase I IUCRC, bridges the gap between the initial demonstration of new ideas—the traditional province of academia—and the delivery of practical pre-competitive technologies.

CBM Objectives

  1. Deliver best-in-class molecular measurement tools and expertise that enable the development of powerful new pre-competitive technologies and capabilities across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food/nutrition/agriculture, energy and analytical instrumentation sectors;
  2. Serve as a proving ground for applications of new instrumentation to cutting-edge chemical and biochemical problems; and
  3. Provide U.S. industry with compelling opportunities to invigorate human resources through access to a diverse pool of center-trained students and opportunities for continuing education of existing staff.