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The CBM provides its members with research solutions in a variety of areas, including:

  • Ultrahigh sensitivity assays for trace-level biomarkers and impurities;
  • Discrimination between large biomolecules and their multi-molecule complexes;
  • Reduced volume/materials analysis and experimentation at high throughput and productivity;
  • Analysis of rare/extremely dilute cells/molecules/exosomes, etc.;
  • Massively parallel approaches to chemical cytometry, genetic profiling, and panel screening;
  • Online and near-line in situ measurements;
  • Point-of-use analysis, companion diagnostics, and inexpensive testing in the field;
  • Artificial intelligence-driven instrumentation, feedback optimization, and "driverless" instruments; and
  • Enhanced imaging of cells, organisms, and chemical processes.

As the CBM advances, this page will highlight specific projects funded each cycle by the center's Industry Advisory Board.

Recent Publications

A list of publications by center-involved faculty can be found at the Center for Bioanalytic Metrology Google Scholar's page.