Sage Advice About Careers in Chemistry

Author: Arnie Phifer

Kissinger P13

In a recent issue of The Analytical Scientist, Purdue's Peter Kissinger, professor of chemistry and a founder of Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (BASi), Prosolia, Inc., and Phlebotics, Inc., provided valuable career advice to young scientists starting out in the field. An excerpt:

How can I make the leap from my PhD program to industry?

Just do it. Classroom learning is overrated by both faculty and students; it simply can’t compete with real-world experience. PhD students have been successful in industry jobs for decades – how is this possible if there were no courses to orient them with industry or government labs? Perhaps because the basic ingredients for success are largely the same in every occupation. Anyone working effectively in science must be curious, a self-learner, good at working with others, and a good communicator. Respect for others and a sound ethical foundation matter everywhere. That said, there are opportunities to interact with alumni from commercial settings, to take short courses with business schools, and (especially) to read business-oriented publications – take them.

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