Baker receives funding to develop a sampling, reaction and analysis platform for single cells

Author: Steve Martin, IU Bloomington

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Bees, music, cells, antibiotics and fuel: Funding advances IU research

Researchers from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Indiana Geological and Water Survey, and the School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering at Indiana University Bloomington have received $119,000 from the Translational Research Pilot Grant program to complete proof-of-concept projects to advance their work.

The goal of this program is to support the development of translational research projects that contribute to solving real-world problems and foster collaborations with industry, support establishment of startup companies or strengthen patent applications. The grants are provided by the Johnson Center for Innovation and Translational Research, which is part of the Indiana University Innovation and Commercialization Office.

This year's recipients, project titles and funding amounts are as follows.

Lane Baker, James L. Jackson Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences: "A sampling, reaction and analysis platform for single cells," $25,000

Baker said the project is motivated by the need to understand the chemical composition of individual cells and changes in the composition.

"To do this requires designing and building new instrumentation for manipulating very small volumes of samples and introducing them into instruments for molecular analysis," Baker said. "With tools like this, we will improve our chances to understand how individual cells contribute to what is observed at the scale of an entire organ, or even organism. This is of special interest in understanding how these changes manifest themselves in the cases of disease and illness."


Originally published by Steve Martin at on June 20, 2019.